Words Crush Variety Quest Answers

Find all hidden Words in Easy BEGINNER-4 – Emit, Item, Mite

Find a pinkish yellow colored fruit name in EASY ADVANCED-14 – Peach

Find 19 Hidden Words in NORMAL BEGINNER-4 – Area, Fare, Fart, Fate, Later, Late, Leaf, Lear, Rate, Real, Tale, Tall, Teal, Ware, Tare, Tear, Tell, Waft, Wart

Find the a flower name that means love in NORMAL ADVANCED-13 – Peel, Reel, Rose

Find a male Shakespearean character in HARD BEGINNER-3 – Romeo

Find an American musical comedy drama name in HARD TALENTED-6 – Glee

Find a red-brown metal name in HARD EXPERT-15 – Copper

Find 4 letter animal words in EXTREME BEGINNER-4 – Frog, Goat, Hart, Lion

Find a person who attacks and robs ships at sea in EXTREME MEDIUM-8 – Pirate

Find 15 hidden words that contain LL in EXTREME TALENTED-9 – Ally, Dell, Delly, Dwell, Jell, Jelly, Mall, Pall, Pally, Sall, Sally, Tall, Tally, Well, Welly

Find a person who cuts men’s hair in EXTREME SKILLFUL-20 – Barber

Find the name of Germany’s capital in EXTREME VETERAN-15 – Berlin

Find seven 5 letter hidden words that start with SC in EXTREME EXPERT-9 – Scale, Scare, Scarp, Scope, Score, Scrap, Screw

Find 4 letter hidden words that rhyme with cook in VARIETY STEP BY STEP-15 – Catalo, Gook, Look, Rook

Find a gemstone name in VARIETY HARDEST3!-7 – Opal

Find the name of the spirit who lives in Aladdin’s lamp in VARIETY RANDOM-4 – Genie

Find the name of a flightless bird with a long neck in VARIETY THEME-18 – Ostrich

Find the 30 hidden words in VARIETY BIG ON BIG-4 – Bach, Bens, Bine, Bone, Boat, Book, Boot, Cash, Coat, Cone, Coot, Cops, Hash, Hoop, Hoot, Mash, Math, Mine, Nest, Note, Pash, Path, Rush, Sham, Shot, Site, Soap, Tamp, Tens, Tone

Find all hidden words that start with L in NORMAL SKILLFUL-11 – Lace, Lacs, Lase, Leis, Leno, Lens, Less, Lice, Lien, Lies, Lisp

Find twenty five 3 letter hidden words in HARD SKILLFUL-8 – Dor, Dot, Duo, Due, Fet, Foe, Fog, For, Goa, Gor, Het, Hoe, Hop, Her, Hog, Ore, Out, Ret, Rot, Tod, Tor, Toe, Tot, Zee, Zoo

Find 15 hidden words in NORMAL EXPERT-6 – Area, Care, Call, Carl, Coal, Farl, Fare, Feal, Fear, Kale, Lake, Lall, Leak, Lear, Real

Find hidden words that start with O in EXTREME ADVANCED-19 – Outer, Outlaw, Outers, Outride, Outrider

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