Words Crush Game

Word Crush is an amusing new word discovery game! Spell out word by tap on the letter block. suitable words increase your score and the retreating timer bar. Used lettering get crushed and new ones drop in from above. Spell longer words to obtain letter blocks with exceptional powers like lightning, bomb, plus nuke! work out your brain as well as try to beat your own or else your friends top score. PLAY NOW! (Google Play)

Words Crush Review and Tips

If you like word game, particularly those like Word Up or else find-a-word approach games, then you might like this one. You are given a grid of letter, as well as there are 1 or else more words concealed. Just swipe about to connect letters plus make words. The game starts off very simple and gets tougher as you play.

GREAT FOR children AND ADULTS! Words Crush aspects 5 diverse chapters: easy, normal, hard, extreme and variety. Children and adults would find the challenge that is right for them!

TWO grand GAME MODES! Arcade: discover as many words as you could before the timer expire. increase your score by spelling long words and using letter block with exceptional powers. Chain them collectively to augment your combo!

Endless: There is no timer on this form. It is great for casual game play while you just want to discover words and not concern about a timer.

Undertake THE CHALLENGE! Try to make 3 stars for every difficulty. Are you fast plus smart sufficient to win them all?

Launched by BitMango in April, 2015, Words Crush is an App game that helps in improving English vocabulary. This is both fun and exciting to learn words, spellings and meanings.

Words Crush says that starting directly with the App game may initially help in finding may be up to 100-150 words of English vocabulary and thereafter, it may be hard to identify the hidden words in the game. Therefore to expand diction, it is recommended to consider taking online vocabulary test. True that learning all the words may be impossible, but knowing about words and making an attempt to learn is praiseworthy and Words Crush App game comes in exactly to bridge the gap between knowing and learning.

This website is dedicated to Words Crush Answers and Cheats.

As such, for using Words Crush Answers and tips there is no age group limitation to play the game with the fact that, it works on how well you know English. As the game displays hidden words in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and backwards, it comes as a challenge for school-going kids, college students, university graduates, working parents, housewives and seniors to prove their English vocabulary skills. It also improves concentration among all.

To make it more interesting and challenging, Words Crush has some of the best ideas and that is to take a vocabulary test in vocabulary.com and read books, articles, newspaper and magazines regularly to get empowered with good words and sentences. This practice will add to your vocabulary for taking note of spellings, synonyms, antonyms and meanings along with grammar rules of a word.